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Quality hand wash and dry car care, interior cleaning, wax and polish

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Hands On Car Wash makes it easy to maintain your vehicle's factory look and finish. A good, thorough car wash involves more than simply letting a machine spray your car. With an ongoing and regular maintenance schedule of proper car washing and waxing, your car will sparkle and look years younger.

At Hands On Car Wash, we believe that the personal touch matters. Treating your customers right makes them want to return, so we always ensure that you receive quality service.

Quality hand wash-and-dry car care, interior cleaning, wax and polish, as well as customized packages. We offer discounts available for car fleet contracts.



Interior Cleaning -$15.00

Windows and dash and all vinyl cleaned, vacuum, and mats scrubbed and ashtray cleaned.

Regular Wash - $ 15.00

Tires and rims scrubbed, wheel wells sprayed and wiped, exterior wash and dry.


Full Wash - $28.00

Regular wash with interior cleaning, vacuum, windows, under doors and doorjambs and ashtray.


The Works - $74.00

Full wash with exterior wax and buff, mats washed, Armorall tires & dash, and trunk vacuumed. (Wax jobs must be pre-booked)


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